Managing Databases

MapserverPro provides extensive support for PostgreSQL, MySQL.

All PostgreSQL databases are created with PostGIS tables.

All Databases are UTF-8.

To create a Database;

  • Login to your Plesk Panel.
  • Click on Databases.
  • Click Add new Database.
  • Give your database a sensible name. It is recommended you leave the suggested prefix.
  • Choose Postgres or MySQL
  • Click OK
  • Click Add a new User
  • Set a username and password
  • Click OK

Connecting to your Database;

From Plesk:

  • Login to your Plesk Panel.
  • Click on Databases.
  • Select Database
  • Click WebAdmin

External Tools:

  • Provide the Database login, password and your domain to the application.
  • Port settings are set to defaults.

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