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We provide multiple methods to get your data uploaded to our servers. We will quickly touch on these methods in the prefered order.

  1. wget / axel
    • wget http://oldsite.com/myarchive.rar
    • axel http://oldsite.com/myarchive.rar
  2. This method requires you to compress your files to an archive, and download them from a 'website'. This method not always an option, but works very well if you are moving from an existing hosting provider, or run an httpd from home.

    Shell into your MapserverPro account and 'fetch' your archive - please use only one command, if you have a high speed host, use axel;

  3. ftp
  4. ftp is more feasible for most users. With ftp you do not need to create an archive of your files, although it will take much less time to transfer a single archive than multiple files. FileZilla is a more than capable client (and free) that you may use if you already do not have a client.

    The credentials for ftp will be sent in your Welcome Letter

  5. scp
  6. scp is similar to ftp, but this is a perk of the linux based operating systems. We will not go into detail on this one. We are simply noting it is an option

  7. Plesk
  8. You can use the Plesk File Manager found on the base page of your Plesk Panel. We do not recommend uploading files larger than a few megabytes with this method. Please use ftp for larger files.

  9. rsync
  10. We also provide support for rsync. Linux and Mac users are welcome to use this method. Rsync is not practical for Windows users

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