Improving Page Load Times

A zippy site is always good to have. We are going to cover a few various methods below:

Apache mod_deflate:

  • All accounts are enabled for mod_deflate, but the configuration is up to you. Compression of images is generally not suggested, most formats are compressed somewhat already.
  • Visit for instructions.
  • Directives may be added to the vhost.conf file or .htaccess

Google Minifier:

  • Creates slighty optimized code and allows on the fly concatenation of multiple files
  • Caches results for faster loads
  • Please see


  • Yahoo Image optimization
  • Great for static components such as toolbar buttons, header logos...
  • Upload single images or input a whole site

Apache Ant:

  • Supported for all accounts
  • Not suggested for most applications
  • Difficult to configure


  • Complex WMS caching of map tiles
  • Application must be tile based

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