Logins and Passwords

Here at MapserverPro you will have many passwords. This can be inconvenient at times, but this greatly increases security.

  • We will never ask for your passwords.
  • We may change a password to perform maintenance or complete a ticket, of course we will send you the new password.
  • We can reset a password in the event it is lost or compromised.

Changing your Passwords;

  • Plesk
  1. Login to the Plesk Panel
  2. On the bottom left, use the Change Password link
  1. Login to WHMCS
  2. Click on My Details
  3. Click Change Password
  • Shell
  1. Login via SSH
  2. passwd
  • Email
  1. Login to the Plesk Panel
  2. Click email Accounts
  3. Click on account name
  4. Edit and save
  • Databases
  1. Login to the Plesk Panel
  2. Click on Databases
  3. Click on Database
  4. Click on User
  5. Edit Details and save

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